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Tagging FAQs

General Questions

Where can I view all my tags?

All tags created can be viewed by clicking the “Manage Tags” button, located in the top right of the Subscribers tab.

How can I see who's been assigned to a tag?

Click the “Manage Tags” button, located in the top right of the Subscribers tab, then click the arrow on a tag and select “View All” from the dropdown menu. You also have the option to rename or delete the tag from this menu.

Why aren't my tags showing in alphabetical order?

Your tag list will show in order of the most used tags. We wouldn’t want you to have to scroll through a bunch of tags to find your most popular tags. Any tags after the most popular will show alphabetically.

Will I delete the subscribers associated with a tag if I delete the tag?

Nope! Deleting a tag only deletes the tag, and removes it from any subscribers it was assigned to. All your subscribers will stay perfectly intact.

Can I add more than one tag to a subscriber?

Yes! You can add as many tags as you need to a subscriber.

I previously added tags that I don't want or need, how do I get rid of them?

No problem! Just go to the Subscribers tab, click the “Manage Tags” button in the top right, click the down arrow of the tag you don’t want and then click “Delete Tag.”

Will my subscriber be able to see what I have tagged them?

Absolutely not. Tags are for your eyes only. Your subscribers will have no way of knowing what tag was applied to them.

Tags + Email Questions

What happens if I click Send Email on the dropdown of one of my tags?

This will open the “Send Email” feature, pre-select “Custom List” from the “To” dropdown menu, and automatically populate the checkbox of the tag you selected to send an email to. From there you can further filter your list, choose a template as a starter, or simply start typing out your email.

Why don't I see the Send Email option in some of my tag dropdown menus?

The “Send Email” option will only show on tags with more than 1 subscriber assigned to them. Go ahead and assign the tag to some subscribers and you’ll see the send email option become enabled in the tag dropdown menu.

Why aren't all my tags showing up in my custom email list?

Only tags with more than one subscriber will show in your custom list. If you only need to send to one particular subscriber you can do so from the Subscribers tab by clicking on the email icon in the “Actions” columns for that subscriber.

I forgot which tag groups I sent my last email to, is there a way to see that?

Yes! Under the Email tab, go to Email Archives. Then locate the email in your sent email view, click “Custom List” in the “To” column. A popup will appear showing the tags you included in your custom email list.