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Blog Post Roll Up Email

Search engines love fresh, new, original content. That’s why search engines love blogs. We include one with all Essential, Premium, and Enterprise service sites. Twice a month a new blog post will be posted to your website. A preview will be sent to you five days prior. In the middle of the month, a monthly blog summary email will be sent to your patients.

Blogs provide…

  • A platform for personal expression about topics that interest you
  • A way of enhancing the new patient performance of your website
  • A forum for engaging an audience and cultivating conversations
  • A method of adding new content that you can repeatedly reference
  • A technique to increase the search engine authority of your website

Sample Blog Post Rollup Email

example of the Blog Post Roll Up email


“Do I Have to Blog?”

Of course not! Twice a month we’ll make a blog post on your behalf. Granted, that same post shows up on hundreds of other websites, so it doesn’t get the search engine leverage that an original, one-of-a-kind blog post from you would garner. So additional blog posts from you, your team or even your patients can be very helpful.

If you’re a Premium client, you’ll also receive custom blog posts written just for you based on a quick telephone interview. Unique posts like these allow you to share your thoughts on interesting topics (without doing the writing yourself) and, most importantly, they help increase your search engine authority.

Every blog post published to your website, whether written by you, the Perfect Patients writing team, or a staff member, is automatically shared to your Facebook and Twitter accounts instantly increasing its exposure and encouraging engagement with your followers.


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