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Reactivations and Referral Campaigns

Reactivation Campaigns

Reactivations play a significant role in the chiropractic business for various reasons:

Continuity of Care:
Reactivating patients ensures that they continue to receive ongoing chiropractic care, promoting the maintenance of their musculoskeletal health. Regular adjustments and follow-ups contribute to sustained well-being.

Prevention of Recurrence:
Lapsed patients may be at risk of experiencing a recurrence of their initial musculoskeletal issues. Reactivations allow chiropractors to assess and address any emerging concerns promptly, preventing the return or exacerbation of symptoms.

Financial Sustainability:
Reactivating patients contributes to the financial stability of the chiropractic practice. Returning patients bring in revenue, helping cover operational costs and supporting the growth and sustainability of the practice.

Patient Education and Engagement:
Reactivations provide an opportunity for chiropractors to educate patients about the importance of consistent chiropractic care. By engaging with patients during reactivations, chiropractors can reinforce the value of ongoing treatments for long-term health benefits.

Building Patient Loyalty:
Reactivating patients strengthens the patient-practitioner relationship. Patients who feel cared for and supported are more likely to remain loyal to the chiropractic practice, potentially becoming long-term clients who consistently seek chiropractic care.

Word-of-Mouth Recommendations:
Reactivated patients who have positive experiences are more likely to recommend the chiropractic practice to friends and family. Word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied patients can attract new clients, expanding the practice’s reach and reputation.

In summary, reactivations are crucial in the chiropractic business as they support continuity of care, prevent the recurrence of issues, contribute to financial sustainability, enable patient education and engagement, build patient loyalty, align with preventive health goals, encourage word-of-mouth recommendations, and enhance the accuracy of patient records.

Reactivation ideas and Email Examples…»

Incentive Options:

1. Special Price

For a limited time, we’re offering our patients a $[YOUR COST HERE] checkup.
Checkup includes: (just let us know what is included!)

  • Exam
  • X- Rays
  • Report of Findings
  • Therapy
  • Adjustment

2. Free Adjunctive Service or Therapy

  • 10 minute cold laser/shockwave/ session to accompany your adjustment!
  • 20 minute medical massage
  • Free orthotics evaluation

3. Drawing

When you schedule an appointment and come in for care, you will be given __ entries into our drawing for [INSERT PRIZE HERE].

*You can add ways to earn more entries, such as for referring a new patient, liking them on FB, making a comment.

We can also include your active patients into the drawing, we will send them a separate email about it and ways they can earn entries.

Prize Ideas

  • Gift card to local restaurant
  • Gift card to local massage/yoga/or other complimentary service
  • Date Night bundle – dinner, movie tickets for 2
  • Amazon Gift Card

Landing Page Examples:

Reactivation Examples:

Email templates:

We can always create a custom one that suits you and your practice better.
3 Reactivation Examples

Example 1:

“Taking care of yourself is more than going for a walk after a stressful day or eating an extra helping of vegetables every now and then (both of which we recommend, by the way).

Truly taking care of yourself is a lifestyle.

That’s why it’s time to come in for a chiropractic tune-up.

At the first sign of pain, chiropractic care can help you reduce the severity of a flare-up.

To help you make chiropractic part of your healthy lifestyle again, we’re offering a checkup for just $__ to our patients.

Click here to claim this special offer. (OPTIONAL: Link to Landing Page where they can fill out an appointment request form).

Here is a sample of a landing page that we could create for you.

Example 2:
“I hope this message finds you well.

Everyone writes this as a greeting, but I really mean it. One of the reasons I got into chiropractic care was to make a positive impact on the people I meet.

I see a lot of hard working people taking care of their families, and maybe not able to take time for themselves.

Could that be you?

Whether you’re in need of self-care, or you’re feeling pretty great, take a moment to check in with yourself and your body. If you’re feeling like maybe you need support, schedule an appointment.

Feeling great yourself, but know a friend or family member who could use my help?
Forward them this email.

We’d love to help.

Wishing you ongoing wellness.”

Example 3:

“We haven’t seen you in awhile!

We hope that means you’re feeling great, but it might be time for a tune-up.

Give us a call at [PRACTICE PHONE] to schedule your appointment and mention this email to get [INSERT SPECIAL OFFER/INCENTIVE].”


Referral Campaigns

Referrals can be crucial in the chiropractic business for several reasons:

Trust and Credibility: Referrals often come from satisfied and loyal patients who have experienced positive results from chiropractic care. These recommendations build trust and credibility for your practice, as potential new patients are more likely to trust the opinion of someone they know.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Chiropractic care is a personal and often intimate service. Word-of-mouth marketing generated through referrals is a powerful tool. People are more likely to trust recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues, leading to a higher likelihood of them seeking out your services.

Cost-Effective Marketing: Acquiring new patients through referrals is generally more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods. Referral-based marketing relies on the goodwill of your existing patients, requiring minimal financial investment compared to other marketing strategies.

Targeted Audience: Referrals often come from patients who have a genuine need for chiropractic care. This means that the referred individuals are more likely to be interested in your services, making them a targeted and potentially receptive audience.

Patient Retention: Referrals can contribute to patient retention. When patients have positive experiences and feel a sense of loyalty to your practice, they are more likely to continue seeking your services over the long term.

Community Engagement: Building a strong network within your local community is essential for the success of a chiropractic practice. Referrals can help you establish a positive reputation within your community, leading to increased visibility and a steady stream of new patients.

Enhanced Practice Reputation: Positive referrals contribute to the overall reputation of your chiropractic practice. As more people in the community hear about successful outcomes and satisfied patients, the perception of your practice improves, attracting even more potential clients.

Increased Patient Volume: A consistent flow of referrals can contribute to a steady increase in patient volume. This not only improves the financial health of your practice but also allows you to help more individuals achieve their health and wellness goals.

In summary, referrals are important in your chiropractic business because they foster trust, provide cost-effective marketing, target a receptive audience, contribute to patient retention, strengthen community engagement, enhance your practice’s reputation, and ultimately lead to increased patient volume.

Referral Ideas and Email Examples»

Refer a Friend

When you refer a friend or family member to us and they mention your name when the appointment is booked, you’ll receive a 20% discount off of your next clean with us!

50/50 deal – When you refer a friend or family member and they mention your name when the appointment is booked, both you and your friend or family member get $50 off your appointment. (This one could also be 20/20.)

When you refer a friend or family member and they schedule an appointment and come in for care, you will be given __ entries into our drawing for [INSERT PRIZE HERE].

*You can add ways to earn more entries, such as for referring a new patient, liking them on FB, making a comment.

Prize Ideas

  • Gift card to local restaurant
  • Gift card to local massage/yoga/or other complimentary service
  • Date Night bundle – dinner, movie tickets for 2
  • Amazon Gift Card

Referral Landing Page Examples

Perfect Patients

Referral Campaign Examples

Example 1:


Without a doubt, a referral is the best compliment you can give. We’ve been honored to be the recipient of many kind referrals from valued patients like you through the years.

We are announcing our referral campaign.

Here are some highlights:

  • Refer in a friend, family member or loved one and they will receive a free consultation and up to 2 free X-rays.
  • With every referral you’ll be entered to win a $50 Starbucks card!
  • We Invite You to Share the News

Please forward this email to a friend or family member so we can enter you in the Starbucks drawing.

We’d also love it if the person you forward the email to shares your name as the one who referred them.

Thanking wonderful patients like you, who entrust us with your care, is a great privilege!

Yours in health, [PRACTICE NAME]

Example 2:
Dear [Patient’s Name]

We’re thrilled that you’ve been experiencing natural health improvements in our care.

Time and time again, we have patients so happy with the care they’re receiving, they ask how they can refer someone to us. If you can’t think of anyone right now, that’s ok! Simply keep the below email on hand to forward to a friend or family member when you do.

We’re also proud to include a special offer for them below.

We look forward to seeing you back in the practice soon.

Hi ______,

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been loving the chiropractic care I’m receiving at [PRACTICE NAME] and thought you might want to give it a try. They’re currently offering a special promotion for family and friends—simply mention the offer below when you call to book.

Book a visit with our practice and receive a complimentary consultation, postural analysis, and spinal exam on visit one as well as a free report of findings on your second visit.

Yours in Health,


Still stuggling or have questions? Don’t hesitate to call or contact us at or contact your Digital Marketing Specialist.
We look forward to hearing from you!