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e-Learning Emails

Your Perfect Patients website includes a six-part, interactive Socratic-style e-Learning curriculum.

We’ve packaged vital chiropractic principles with a bit of humor to create a powerful way of educating patients that’s fun and effective.

When you experience the e-Learning modules for yourself, you’ll notice that the “wrong” answers are where the real learning takes place! We gently coach patients to the more appropriate answer so they better understand their chiropractic care.

Give them a try!

Try The Simple Basics Orientation module for yourself!

The Simple Basics
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Take the Nervous System Orientation module quiz!

The Nervous System
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Try the Vertebral Subluxation module quiz!

Vertebral Subluxation
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Intermediate Modules

The intermediate modules deepen patients’ understanding and provide a great starting point for currently active patients.

Try the True Health module patient education quiz!

The Nature of True Health
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Try The Purpose of Symptoms intermediate module is provides a deeper understanding.

The Purpose of Symptoms
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Try The Chiropractic Difference Orientation module for yourself!

The Chiropractic Difference
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Patient Education at Home

As you add subscribers to your website, your new patients are invited to participate in your online patient education. Emails inviting patients to participate, with a direct link to the next module, are sent about once a week.

Expect to get comments like these back from your patients:

“I have learned so much about how my body works. Thanks!”
“I enjoyed the quizzes and I did learn some things.”
“I have learned so much. Thank you for caring.”

When you get this type of feedback from your own patients, you’ll know that true patient education has occurred and that you’ve created some new referral ambassadors for your practice.

Best of all, you didn’t have to lift a finger or use valuable practice time.


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