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Online Reviews

Did you know that:

  • 85% of prospective patients rely on reviews to make a decision.
  • Prospective clients typically read an average of 7 reviews before making a decision.
  • Google is the most powerful review source.
  • Having Reviews on different sites also helps – Yelp, Google, Facebook etc.
  • It’s important to follow each company’s policies exactly so you don’t get punished.
  • Ask for reviews from patients that tell you how much relief they feel.
  • Create handouts with how to leave a review to make it easier for your patients.
  • Responding to reviews is key to 30% of polled people.
  • Negative Reviews help to make positive reviews appear more valid to readers.
  • Having 100% positive reviews can come off as fake.
  • A study by the Spiegel Research Center determined that ratings of 4.2 – 4.5 are the most trusted.

All of this means that your online reputation is just as important as your real-world reputation.

It’s particularly effective to ask patients after a few visits when the patient is starting to feel better. Simply, create an email template that you can easily copy and paste as part of a routine follow-up with patients. Don’t forget to include the link to the review site you’d like people to post to.

You can also create a simple handout that you can distribute to patients in the office so they can easily leave you a review.

Add Subscribers to Get More Reviews

When new patients are added as subscribers, you can send them a welcome email, which includes a link to fill out a quick and easy survey, which will contribute to your online reputation.

They’ll also receive a fun, educational e-learning course in chiropractic, a monthly blog rollup email, birthday emails, and a newsletter we send out on your behalf. These options are customizable, so you can let us know what you’d like your patients to receive. You can also email your subscribers individually, in bulk, or in groups based on tags you assign to them.

Online Reviews FAQ’s

Answers to commonly asked questions regarding online reviews.

Copying Reviews

How to safely add third-party reviews to your website

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