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Perfect Patients Role in Your SEO Success

SEO is often a moving target for search engines that are constantly tweaking their algorithms. At Perfect Patients, our SEO team continuously keeps abreast of the latest SEO trends and best practices. Our goal is to get you new patients while ensuring that your website and digital presence comply with the standards and best practices set forth by Google. Our SEO team works to build the trust and authority of your website.

Channels for New Patient Traffic

Our SEO efforts result in visitors coming to your website from the several different channels listed below.

  • Organic search: Google’s search results (under the local listings) is a major source to new patient traffic.
  • Google Map / Local: This is traffic coming from your Google Business Profile.
  • Business Directories: We list your business on many different directories across the Internet including Yelp, Yellow Pages and more. Visitors often land on your website after finding you on one of these listings.

Tip: Use your social media platforms to share content from your website and create a new patient channel with sites like Facebook and Twitter!

Initial Research

Before your website is built, the Perfect Patients SEO team researches your current digital footprint by reviewing your existing web presence in organic search and on Google Maps. Then, we come up with an SEO plan specific to your current situation and determine the location and keywords that will be targeted, e.g. Boston Chiropractor. This is the area we feel the website has the best chance of capturing new patient traffic online.

Google Business Profile

Based on what was found in the research phase, the SEO team will optimize your presence on Google Maps, also known as Google Business Profile. If you don’t have an existing listing, we will set one up and optimize it for you. If your practice is already listed, we will review your information to ensure the listing complies with Google’s requirements and best practices.

Creating the Website

Your Website Production Specialist works with the SEO team to optimize your website for best practices and to get it ranking for the targeted keywords in your location. We use several different proven on-page SEO techniques.

After Your Website Launches

Once your website is live, the SEO team ramps up SEO work. We install Google Analytics to track visitors to the website and set up Google Webmaster tools to tell Google to start crawling your website. We track the performance of your website after it launches, making tweaks and recommendations to improve performance over time.


You might find yourself asking, “What are citations and why do I need them?” Simply put, a citation is a webpage that has your business’s name, address, and phone (NAP) listed. Think of NAP as a local business’s online fingerprint. Each citation you have signals trust and authority to Google. We submit your website to major data providers that distribute your business’s information to hundreds of business directories. Additionally, our SEO team focuses on claiming your business listings on major business directories such as Yelp.

On-Going SEO Work

Our SEO Team Leader is always monitoring the SEO industry’s best practices and Google’s latest changes. We aim to keep you up to date on the latest information so that you can always keep an advantage over your competition.

On Demand SEO Reviews

Do you have concerns about your website performance or Google ranking? Our SEO team would be happy to perform an SEO review and provide recommendations. Click here to get started.


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