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Don’t Let Google Scare You into Spending More

spendingWe’ve been hearing from more and more chiropractors that they’ve been contacted by Google Ads reps about their ad campaigns. And not just “contacted,” but called repeatedly and scared into believing there was something terribly wrong with their ads.

Unfortunately, the Google Ads department has been outsourcing teams of people (these so-called “reps” or “strategists”) to plant a seed of doubt: that the person or company managing their ad campaigns has set them up incorrectly. It is safe to assume that Google’s goal is to get business owners to use their automated ads recommendations (called “Smart Campaigns”) rather than have an experienced, Google Ads certified, third-party marketer managing their account.

With an experienced, Google Ads certified, third-party marketer (like the PPC team here at Perfect Patients), you get a real person planning, creating, and constantly monitoring and improving your campaigns to get you the best results for the lowest cost. With Google’s automated recommendations, there is no one who knows your business and your goals monitoring the account, simply Google making recommendations that will ultimately result in you spending more money with them. Because we all know their primary goal is to get you to spend more.

Could there be ways to improve your ad campaigns? Sure. But don’t let a “Google employee” scare you into distrusting your ads manager. They want to help you get more new patients. Google wants to help you spend more money.

We’re happy to offer our clients an objective, no-obligation review of your Google Ads.