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Cancellation FAQ

Before proceeding with your cancellation, please make sure to read all of the frequently asked questions below.


How much notice do I need to give?

After the initial 12-month agreement, your subscription will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis until terminated by either party with 30-days written notice.

Unsure? Just contact your Digital Marketing Specialist or the Client Support team and ask.


Do I own my domain name?

Whether we are managing your domain name for you or you are managing your domain name with a registration company, you own the domain name.

If we are managing for you, upon cancellation, we are happy to transfer your domain name back to you and will provide you with the necessary information to complete the transfer. To transfer it back you have 2 options. We can provide you with the Authorization or EPP code or you can establish a GoDaddy account ( and we can move the domain to your new account.


Do I own my website?

Should you cancel your service with Perfect Patients, you will be responsible for creating a new website design and hosting your own files, content, and images.

You may not copy your Perfect Patients website to be hosted elsewhere.

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What can I take if I leave?

You own the assets on your website such as your own photos, unique content, & your logo.

You are free to take with you:

  • Any content (text or blogs) that was written specifically for you based on an interview or any content you provided to us as unique to be added to your website.
  • Any image that you provided or that a professional photographer took during the production process
  • Your logo

*We will provide you with these upon request.

What can’t I take with me?

You can not take any stock content, including images, from your website that are provided by Perfect Patients as these remain the property of Perfect Patients and cannot be used elsewhere. This includes newsletter articles, blog posts, and stock imagery.

Design elements like header images, banners, buttons, hero slides, etc also remain the property of Perfect Patients.


Exporting Your Subscriber List

Upon cancellation, please follow these directions to download your list if you wish to take it with you. As part of our cancellation process, your subscribers will be automatically deleted on your cancellation date.

  • Log into your Dashboard
  • Go to the ‘Subscribers’ tab
  • Click on ‘View All’
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • On the bottom left you will see the ‘Export’ button
  • Click the ‘Export’ button and your list will be downloaded to your computer in an excel file.

If you require help logging into your dashboard, please contact your Digital Marketing Specialist or email the Client Support Team at


What will happen to my domain hosted email(s) you created for me?

If you currently have email accounts hosted by Perfect Patients, and ONLY view your emails in webmail, please make sure that you download all emails to an email client of your choice (Outlook, MacMail, Gmail) before we proceed with the cancellation.

*Then make arrangements with your new host to create the same email accounts for you, so you don’t lose anything moving forward.

Once the domain settings are updated to reflect your new website, the email accounts created by Perfect Patients will no longer work.

Email Client Setup Directions »

What happens if my new host will also be using Rackspace to create my new emails?

If your new host is going to be hosting your emails at Rackspace, we will be happy to provide you with a transfer link so your new host can simply transfer email accounts upon cancellation.

Pay Per Click Service(PPC):

How do I cancel my Pay Per Click service (Google or Facebook Ad Campaign)?

If you have an Ads campaign with us, please let your Digital Marketing Specialist or the Client Support Team know what date you would like our team to cancel your ad campaign.

Can I have my ads landing page copy to use elsewhere?

Our Paid Advertising Services, including Google Ads are separate ongoing ad management services. This includes intellectual property in relation to our ad strategy, ad setup, ad content, landing page content, and other elements which we do not share should clients decide to move on to a new supplier. This is the norm across the advertising sector as many organizations like Perfect Patients retain their intellectual property rights across ad platforms both online and offline (billboards, TV, radio etc).

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide access to the Google Ads account as we manage all our client campaigns through our agency account which would be a breach of data privacy.