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Requirements to enable business texting in Australia

To assign an Australian phone number to your business to allow texting, some additional documentation is required. Once the documentation is received, the business phone number will be assigned within 3-4 business days.

The documents required for activation of a business phone number in Australia are listed below:

*You might be able to find this information by simply doing a search in ASIC ( or by checking with your accountant.
Please make sure your ABN (Australia Business Number) is included.

Information required Documentation required Acceptable Documentation (One of the following)
Business Name Proof of Identity
  • *Commercial registry or equivalent
Business Address Proof of Address
  • *Commercial registry or equivalent showing address
  • Utility bill
  • Tax notice
  • Rent receipt
  • Title deed


The following documents are not supported.

  • Address proof that has PO Box.
  • Tax invoices and vehicle registration documents.
Business ID Number
*ABN (Australia Business Number)
Proof of Business ID
  • *Commercial registry or equivalent – *Must include your ABN

Send the documentation to us via this secure form. Once the activation is complete, you will be able to leverage Get Reviews to send text messages using the business phone number.

NOTE – For a multi-location business, you need to submit the form with documents for each business location.