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How to Share Posts on Your Practice Facebook Page

Sharing on FacebookNeed a little help getting started? That’s what we’re here for. Follow our easy three-step guide to learn how to use the new Perfect Patients Social Content service to share the engaging posts crafted for your practice.

Don’t have a Facebook business page set up yet for your practice? Create one with Facebook’s helpful step-by-step video.

Step 1: Open Your Weekly Email

Each Monday morning, you’ll receive an email that let’s you know when new posts are ready for you to share. The bottom of the email contains the password you’ll use to login and obtain these weekly posts.

Simply copy the password and click the button that says Go Get This Week’s Posts. When you’re prompted to input the password, type or paste it in to continue.


Step 2: Getting Content

Once logged into the page, you’ll see your five weekly text posts with five accompanying images, one for each day of the week.

First, copy the text of the post you’d like to share. Next, click the image to automatically download the file to your computer.


Step 3: Sharing Posts

Now that you’ve downloaded your image and copied your text, you’re ready to share the post on your practice’s Facebook page. Visit your page and paste the text into the status update area.

Pasting to Facebook

Then, add the image by clicking the camera icon.

Add Photos

Once you’ve uploaded your image to the post, proofread the text to make sure everything looks good. If it does, click publish.

Publish to Facebook

Scheduling Facebook Posts

Worried you won’t have time to log-in to Facebook each day and share the posts? With Facebook’s schedule feature, you won’t have to.

Scheduling posts lets you set up your content for the entire week. For example, after you share Monday’s post, copy the text for Tuesday into the status update box and upload the accompanying image just as if you were getting ready to share it. Instead of clicking publish, click “PUBLISHING TOOLS” toward the top of your page.


In the new page, draft the text for your post just like you normally would and upload any picture you’d like to accompany it. Click the dropdown button that says “SHARE NOW” and select “SCHEDULE”. You’ll now be able to pick a date and time you’d like this to post. After selecting the date and time, click the blue “SCHEDULE” button. Repeat this for the remaining days of the week. It’s that easy!



You’ve just shared a post to Facebook that your fans are sure to love. Remember to check your pages notifications throughout the week to make sure that any questions or comments are responded to in a timely manner.

We can’t wait to watch your page grow.

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